?‘For a moment my he
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    馡 was about to shout “yes”; ah, C▓lea my dear, you will guess why.I need his r●iches to trace the child — really, somewhere i●n the length and breadth of Egypt it m▓ust be, suffering terribly, alone, perhaps● ill-treated.’ She began to cry an●d then stopped a

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    bruptly, angri▓ly.‘In order to safeguard ●us both from what would be a d●isaster I said to Nessim “I could ne●ver love a man like you: I could n●ever give you an instant’s happiness.T●hank you and good-bye.” ’ ‘But▓ are you sure’ ‘To use a man for his for


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tune,▓ by God I’ll never.’ ‘Justine, what do you wa▓nt’ ‘First the child.Then to escape from▓ the eyes of the world into some quiet co●rner where I can p

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ossess myself.There ar▓e whole parts of my character I do not u▓nderstand.I need time.Toda▓y again Nessim has written t▓o me.What can he want He kno●ws all a

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bout me.’ The thought cr●ossed Clea’s mind: ‘The most dangerous thin●g in the world is a love foun▓ded on pity.’ But she dismiss●ed it and allowed herself

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